Peyote is an antagonist in Ryne & Dal. She is a strict businesswoman with an extreme hatred for the Lizardmen.


Peyote is a large, anthropomorphic coyote with beige fur and amber eyes. She wears a shirt identical to her husband, Harris Hartly. She wears round sunglasses either on her face or below her chin. Peyote also has very large ears.

Personal HistoryEdit

Born March 2nd 2002. Before she met Harris, Peyote was a treasure hunter. Her last expedition was pursuing the Lizardmen Leader's skull crown, which failed when she was caught by the Lizardmen and made a slave. Peyote remained a worker in the Lizardmen's mines for several months, until she was discovered by Harris Hartly, whose ship crashed just outside the Lizardmen's cavern. Peyote held a deep hatred for the Lizardmen for their enslavement of her and is happy to gun down any that wander near her base of operations, Harris Hartly's Junkyard.